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All my gremlins! Oh, Schafz! What's that sound? Everybody get down. No living around because there's gremlins in your town. I'm going to skip the body count when my girlfriend can't be found. So, put the pedal to the ground because there be gremlins to get pound. They're chomping on hands, hijacking cars, wreaking all this havoc at the local bars. This is a new breed of chaos, so don't alert the authorities; a new kind of noise of which they couldn't believe. Who could have ever agreed this beast could be conceived? And your mind won't be swayed until they've made you bleed. Striking terror in all, pushed by their need to feed, mouthful of razors, green skin, and claws defining this creed. I could have never believed that this could be my Christmas eve! Finding bite-sized monstrosities with no order to heed. So, tell me where's all the light. Right now it's either fight or flight. It's time to get armed because I'm taking down some gremlins tonight!

Don’t! Don’t! Get ‘em wet, gotta keep ‘em dry.
Don’t! Don’t! Feed ‘em after midnight.
Don’t! Don’t! Let ‘em out into the sunlight!
Don’t go outside ‘cause there’s gremlins out tonight!

The desolate hours, out on the prowl, ante meridian feast, the night fills with growls. Once gentle and calm, now fierce and delicious, an adorable pet to a beast most vicious. One rule neglected, one flouted through trickery, to break the last the only way to stop the misery. What started as mischief escalated fatally. They’re quick to rip shit up, nobody is savin’ me. Kingston Falls falls victim as the town crawls. With these green menace that’s got us all enthralled and appalled, this city’s in flames, these guys are to blame. Even in your own home liable to get maimed. So prep your microwave and wait for the sunlight. These rascals are packin’, so be ready for a gunfight. It’ll be a long night so find some cover 'cause these grems are lookin’ for a fight mothafucka!

It's a fight night scene for Kingston Falls scenery and a fright sight scream with gremlins in the machinery. Once a piebald little cutie, now a vicious form of greenery. Should've known after twelve ain't time for mogwai to be eating. Face death. Take a breath. Only one more gremlin left. Here and now, I'll take a bow as I'm about to tell you how-- how I took the lead to show the town what I'm about, how I brought up the speed and took the little monster out. He couldn't handle me when I just straight up took a bottle, taped it to a toy truck and I hit full throttle, kicked up an oriental blade and dissected every limb of his. Then, cut down the blinds and let the morning light in. Or was that the way that I let the story end? Did I take the reigns to let foe turn into friend? That I'm not another fiend is something I could not pretend. So, now I'm rolling with the grems and here they're growing again. Here they grow again. New batch!

Get! Get! Get ‘em wet, gotta multiply.
Feed! Feed! Feed ‘em after midnight.
Don’t! Don’t! Go out into the sunlight.
It’s about to get grem in the streets tonight.
Get! Get! Get us wet, gotta multiply.
Feed! Feed! Feed us after midnight.
Don’t! Don’t! Let us out into the sunlight.
We’re about to get grem in the streets tonight.


from We're Your Age (FREE DOWNLOAD), released October 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Anti-Swag Fiend Party Bloomington, Indiana

A duo of weirdos split across Bloomington, IN and Helsinki, Finland. We Stay squiddy. We don't feed our gremlins after midnight. And we keep our swag the hell off.

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