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  • We're Your Age was printed on recycled materials by Bellwether Manufacturing. It includes a double-sided fold-out "mini-poster" and you will also receive a sticker. HANDMADE LYRICS BOOKS ARE NO MORE!! We're Your Age is Anti-Swag Fiend Party's first full-length release and has 12 tracks.

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I grew up chasing an image I'd never seen in any poster, but when it finally did I wondered" Does this mean I'm getting closer?" More so for show and the want to celebrate a bond with peers, an affliction that's conditioned over grueling adolescent years. There's nervous shaking. Souls are breaking. Pressure building. Children killing. Time is standing. Still demanding, reprimanding, disbelieving, unachieving independence, mold-destructing, face-constructing, rules-engraving just for nothing. Fuck, I'm bleeding, life-obstructing. I've come to discover that it's individualism releasing me, relieving me, from a misguided elitism. It's a prison. I'm drowning, though I can swim. Life feels less grim when you can share this sort of hymn, though it's in me to figure out. What's this all about? Should I stay silent? Or should I shout? I'm being torn apart from inside out, but I wrote this anthem revamping laws for the fearless that feel this. The realists hear it when the people say...

Hey! We don't care anymore. There's nothing to it, so let's do it. It's time for us to say
Hey! We don't care anymore. Yeah, here's our anthem. Bring it to them. Hear the people say
Hey! We don't care anymore. If something mattered, it just shattered. Hear the people say...
Hey! We don't care anymore. Take off your crown. We know what counts. Don't tell us what to say.

One look at my apparel might leave you thinkin’ I’m livin’ at the bottom of the barrel, but with assumptions please be careful ‘cause I’m better than I’ve ever been. Patience abounds and I’m feelin’ ready for anything. What goes around doesn’t always come around, but fuck it I’m hittin the ground with a steady stride, no longer petrified. I came alive just in time to get my head inside... inside the game and get my brain into a frame of mind to leave those same old lames behind and face whatever games I find the world is pitchin’ at me. Took a stand, line in the sand, and I stopped them from gettin’ at me. It’s a new day and hey I’m happy. So, don’t try to pave my way from the backseat. I’m tryna abstain from the plain and the hackneyed. Gotta carry on and proceed. Can’t slow down now I’m at full speed, but always keep it low key, like a chronic sack with growin’ seeds. I’m worth more than you thought’d I be, more than just what I was taught to be, 'cause what they wanna see is hard to be, and you’ll make yourself a mockery, but I set my self free with a lock and key. As long as blood still fills my arteries, every part of me, down to the heart of me, is lookin’ forward to a brand new smarter me. If my heart beats and my lungs breathe, you can be damn sure you won’t budge me. So, drop that gavel, you’re done see. Now only I can judge me. So, when I close my eyes and I’m contemplatin’, don’t be mistaken now, I ain’t prayin’. You won’t catch me in need of saving 'cause I know I’ll never let me be forsaken. So, when everything around me drifts away an’ I can feel the corporeal world dissipatin’ in a place where thoughts are locked away an’ my mind is clear, but I still hear ‘em sayin’...

If you're the sky, I'm not the cloud. I am the bolt that's screaming loud and that's the way that I am bound. I made my path when I turned around. If I inhale, you're not the breath. You're just the thought that I had left. You became the thing I do not need, naught but the voice that could not lead. The force that could not pierce my hide, the mountain you can't get inside. I am the heat. I am the cold. The paradox volcano bold, enigmatic, but with purpose, making normal none but nervous, turning heads on mornings grey, using days to hear people say...


from We're Your Age (FREE DOWNLOAD), released October 21, 2011



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Anti-Swag Fiend Party Bloomington, Indiana

A duo of weirdos split across Bloomington, IN and Helsinki, Finland. We Stay squiddy. We don't feed our gremlins after midnight. And we keep our swag the hell off.

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